Meet The Team


sophia ireland

Sophia is a Communication Design student in Melbourne. When she's not working on Orenda, she's hosting parties, watching TV (current favourites include The Office and Bob's Burgers) or working as a Digital Marketer. She loves dogs and traveling, still wishes she did more yoga and sets the fire alarm off daily.

Instagram: @sophia_ireland


cal behrendt

Cal is a Law/Journalism student at the University of Wollongong. When not listening to music, Cal can often be found indulging in the latest TV show, playing sports, working on podcasts or writing for a number of sites and publications, ranging from topics about international football to discussing how Weezer are once again cool in 2017.

Twitter: @CalBehrendt


jon talbot

Jon is an American (please don't fault him for that). He used to be in Finance, but since late 2012 he has been coddiwompling his way all over this world. Over the past 4 years, he has made his way to all 7 continents and now finds himself in graduate school studying Sustainable Development and how complicated the phrase "sustainable development" really is.

Instagram: @tallbottherobot


katie foran

Katie is an Events Officer who is forcing herself into becoming a morning person. She enjoys sleeping in, singing to her cat and being the wittiest person in the room. She's usually in Australia, but if you’re looking for her happy place head to Hogwarts.

Instagram: @KattieeLouise


sammy battaglene

Sammy is a psychology student with no goals to become a psychologist. She has a passion for travelling and taking the odd good photograph. She loves to learn and push herself away from what she’s used to. She does not like being told what to do and does not take kindly to being given unasked for advice. She is over-imaginative, forever lost, and mainly just trying to get her scattered thoughts in line. She also really wants a dog.

Instagram: @sammyb888


annabelle jarrett

Annabelle is a Melbourne-based writer. She has just finished her bachelors, and when she isn’t having an existential crisis about her life post-uni, enjoys pale ales, live-tweeting Australian reality shows, and thinking about dogs. She writes about things she’s passionate about, including arts and culture, women’s rights, and her experience with contemporary Asian society.

Twitter: @aejarrett
Instagram: @annabellejarrett



We get by with a lot of help from our friends. Every one from day one up until now.


tommy kuo

Tommy is a Melbourne-based brand strategist, designer, consultant and photographer. He has big dreams for his future but often spends too much time playing darts with friends or thinking of witty Instagram captions

Instagram: @_tommykuo


harriet jarrett

Harriet is a Melbourne-based student and occasional writer of things. She enjoys patting animals, eating tofu, flat whites and feminism.

Instagram: @harrietjarrett



Sugargob appears to be some sort of poet or minstrel masquerading as a human. Sugargob likes the letters 'D' 'I' & 'Y', and is known to enjoy fig, peppercorn & paperbark trees. When sugargob isn't embroiled in their studies in garbology, sugargob can be found making combinations of outlandish words, music & sometimes both.

Instagram: @_sugargob


Lachlan McDevitt

Lachlan is a third-year International Relations/Languages student studying at the ANU, Australia. He is passionate about international security and specialises in the study of transnational security issues.


Laura Cole

Laura is a Communications/Business student, working 2 jobs whilst also managing her own events business. She can relate to the quote: “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it”...She’s so busy working hard for a great life that she often forgets to actually live.

Pinterest: @eventsr


caitlin lawler

Caitlin Lawler is a 20-year-old, Sydney-based passionate learner and lover of life. She is studying a Bachelor of Ancient History at Macquarie University.

Instagram: @lawlur


amanda tydesjö

Amanda is a 24-year-old Swedish girl, currently residing in Kraków, Poland where she works in a corporate office.
In her spare time she likes socializing, baking, reflecting on any interesting topic and of course, travelling (the more spontaneous, the better!).
She is still trying to figure out what to study/do with her life, but also realizes that life experience truly teaches us terrific things on a daily basis.
Truly wishes Australia was a bit
closer to Europe.

Instagram: @elaboratefantasies


michaela johansson

A 'foodie' that hates the word 'foodie', Michaela has always been driven by her passion for cooking and food. She has constantly found inspiration in her travels, after living in Mexico and doing a cooking course in Italy. Following this, in 2016 she made the Masterchef Top 40 with a one-hour croquembouche. Since then she has been growing her catering and private dinner business.

Instagram: @michaela_a_johansson


Mike Ian

Originally from LA, USA, Mike likes mushrooms and climbing up things. While not the most graceful, he rarely ever falls. His nemesis is slippery surfaces. You can find him stumbling on uneven sidewalks in cities across the world.


Emma Jericho

Emma is an angry, queer selfie addict who spends her time working, drinking coffee and yelling about things on the internet. You can find a lot of that yelling, and a lot of other stuff too on her blog.

Tumblr: @smallworldsyndrome


A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is all about creating a beautiful life. We share daily inspirations, DIY projects and recipes. We believe the best things in life are homemade.


kara cummins

Kara is a 20-year-old International/Development Studies student at UNSW in Sydney, who has a profound curiosity of the wild world we live in. Hobbies include having heated discussions at 2am about how to solve world issues, eating more sweet potato fries than what is socially acceptable and watching Ted Talks. Compulsively.

Instagram: @kara_going


rachel short

Rachael is a 20-year-old Law student from the South Coast of New South Wales. She is a passionate environmentalist who splits her time evenly between extolling the virtues of a vegan diet and complaining about how much she misses brie. Her talents include drinking lethal quantities of champagne and having a perfect memory for Kanye West lyrics.
Instagram: @rachaelshort_


Portia King

After a year abroad in Europe teaching English in Poland – followed by stumbling into a bar job in Brussels, Belgium – Portia has settled down in Christchurch, NZ for now. She is studying Geography and Spanish and is counting down the days until she is travelling again.


Sophie Hunter-Rose

Sophie is an ethical vegan and passionate liberal feminist who is always looking for ways to expand the horizons of people’s knowledge and bring some light into others lives. Of course, most of this is just passive-aggressive posting on social media...but a little is living with as much respect and nonviolence as she can. She
hopes you’re all having a wonderful day and, if not, that tomorrow will be better.

Tumblr: @fluffyplant


Sam Downs

Sam is a 17 year old night school student studying to become a certified pastry chef. She models for various companies & photographers and loves to travel.


UTS Vertigo

Vertigo is the student magazine at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Cover Artists & Models


Orenda 4: Sooms

Sooms is inspired by the great outdoors and great people. She's a simple human who is bedazzled by pretty colours and adorable animals. Hobbies include petting your dog.
Instagram: @notsooms


Orenda 3: Madi Ryan

Madi could be classified as a 22-year-old up and coming artist from Wollongong, but the truth is she’s been working towards her career as an artist her whole life.She creates colorful and
strange artworks, heavily influenced by comic books, pop-culture, 90's cartoons and all things color.

Instagram: @madiryanart


Orenda 2 Photographer: matilda "Tilly" Roberts

Matilda is a 22 year old natural light photographer. When she was 16, photography introduced her to her love affair with light, and she is forever grateful. In 2012, during her first year of university, she officially began ‘Fearless Photography’. She labels herself as a ‘lifestyle photographer’ as she doesn’t limit
herself to any one genre of photography - she photographs anything and everything: weddings, portraits, music, even birth sessions. She’s there for the life moments!



Orenda 2 Model: Kendi Muthomi

As styled by Emma Murphy, Lola Design Blog. Kendi moved to Canberra with her family when she was five and graduated college in 2013. She was scouted into HAUS Models at the end of her last year in college. In the two years since graduating, Kendi has become a fully qualified makeup artist (she did her makeup pictured!) Just recently she said goodbye to HAUS Models to pursue a freelance career.
Kendi has been involved in countless fashion and beauty editorials, and had walked at FASHFEST - Canberra's number one fashion parade - consecutively for the last two years.



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