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A Few Tips + What We’re Looking For

  • Topic: We take any submission that fits our target market (17-25 year old Australian intersectional feminists who are searching for unpretentious, pragmatic and relatable content that's relevant to their lives) and is of quality. Feel free to swear, tackle a darker subject or be a bit controversial.
  • Variety: We love including a bunch of different, unique topics and article formats! These include, but aren’t limited to: art, poetry, interviews, recipes, DIYs, reviews, opinions, short essays, short stories.
  • Diversity: We love different and unique people and perspectives! At Orenda, we want to celebrate as much diversity as possible. However, this also applies to the mix of articles, so if we have too much of one topic we may ask you to change it up or contribute to a future issue instead.
  • Images: If your article contains images, please ensure they’re not copyrighted. Unless they are a core part of your submission, we might swap your images for similar images that better suit our aesthetic.
  • Formatting: We'll go over this a bit more once you're accepted, but some basics: please provide your text content in Word, Pages or PDF format and send images separately from the article in highest print-quality form.
  • Themes: Orenda doesn't do themes, mainly because we find them limiting for both contributors and audience.


  • Editing: Orenda will try to preserve your original article as much as possible, however we might amend spelling and grammar. We don’t fix differences between US/UK/Australian Engish — that’s your own voice!
  • Copyright: Your submission will remain your intellectual property and you will be credited as the author.
  • Bragging Rights: By submitting the article, you give Orenda Magazine permission to re-post the article and refer to you (including your image) on our social media accounts, website, blog, email newsletter and in the magazine.
  • For Love, Not Money: Unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay anyone at this point — this includes you.
  • About Time: Please refer above for the next issue deadline. If this date has passed, still submit your application as we may still accept you for an upcoming issue.
  • Get Ready For Your Close-Up After we’ve accepted you, we’ll ask for a short bio, photo of you and a URL/social media profile you want to link to.
  • Orenda reserves the right to reject your article for any reason that we see fit.